If you’re considering purchasing a cat then you’ll know there are many different types of breed on the market. However, before you make your decision you should consider looking at Abyssinian cats for sale.

Basic Facts About Abyssinian Cats

Although every cat has its own personality and characteristics, several key things apply to all Abyssinian cats for sale.

Abyssinian Cat Origins

It is believed that the Abyssinian cat is as close to the original Egyptian cats as you can get today.

They are examples of these cats being mummified in Egyptian tombs. Although details of the history are vague, it is known that they were taken to England by British soldiers in the nineteenth century. That was the start of the modern breed.

Average Lifespan

Abyssinian cats have an average lifespan of 15 years. That’s the time commitment you’re making when you look at Abyssinian cats for sale.

How Big Do They Get?

The Abyssinian is considered a medium-sized cat, growing to approximately 10 inches long and weighing up to 16lbs. These cats will generally stop growing when they are 18 months old and are considered adults.

What Colors Are Abyssinian Cats?

Abyssinian cats have a similar look to the modern tabby. However, they are born with dark coats that will lighten as they age, settling on a color as they reach adulthood.
It’s critical that you check the coat on any Abyssinian cat you’re looking to buy.

Every strand has three or four different colors, starting darker at the base. It creates a distinctive tick look that defines these cats.

The base color is traditionally reddish-brown with a black ticking effect. However, there are several variants today that can give lighter color options.


Understanding The Abyssinian Cat Temperament

The Abyssinian cat thinks it’s a dog! They are actually very intelligent, playful, and have strong personalities. If you’re looking at Abyssinian cats for sale you need to have plenty of spare time. These cats thrive on attention and become depressed if ignored.
In short, they’ll follow you around like a dog and can be trained surprisingly easily.

What To Check When Looking For Abyssinian Cats For Sale

If you want to invest in one of these beautiful cats you need to be sure you’re getting the real deal. That means undertaking a few checks before you part with your hard-earned money.

The Reputation of the Breeder

Every breeder has to start somewhere. However, it is difficult to assess the reputation of a breeder that is selling their first batch of Abyssinian cats or kittens. It’s generally safer to go with an establishment like this that has over 15 years of experience.
If that’s not an option then make sure you speak to anyone that knows the breeder to establish how genuine they are. If it’s their first year you should also expect a discount.

Breed Guarantee

All Abyssinian cats for sale should have a CFA pedigree certificate. This confirms the quality of the breed and reassures you you’re making the right decision.

The Cost Of The Cat

Abyssinian cats are beautiful, intelligent, and not the cheapest option on the market. You need to be prepared to pay the right rate. That means researching the Abyssinian cats for sale in your area and confirming the average prices. The one you decide to purchase should be in the same price bracket.

Living Conditions

Regardless of what type of cat you’re looking to purchase you should always check out their living conditions. This is the best way to assess the breeder. The more care they have for the cat the better its quality is likely to be. Check for the following:


The most important thing to verify is that they are being kept in clean conditions. This will tell you they are loved and are likely to be toilet trained.
The level of cleanliness relates directly to the amount of care and love the breeder gives them.


A mother will want to keep her kittens close. As they can have five or six kittens in a litter you can expect to find this many cats living together. However, if there are two mothers or an excessive number of kittens you’ll need to question whether they are all getting the care they need.


Abyssinian cats and kittens are generally very affectionate and playful. If they are not bounding over to you to investigate and seek caresses, you should look to buy your Abyssinian cats elsewhere.

Final Thoughts on Abyssinian Cats For Sale

Deciding to locate Abyssinian cats is a great idea. These cats are generally very healthy, although they are prone to gingivitis and Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency. This aside, they are loyal and a lot of fun, you won’t regret buying one.

However, you should remember they need your time, for play, brushing, and even clipping their nails. These cats are not hypoallergenic but they are light shedders and make fantastic pets.