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Nestled in the heartland of the United States, Miegon Abyssinian Cattery is far from your typical cat breeding establishment. Instead of cold, impersonal cages, our adorable Abyssinian cats enjoy the warmth and comfort of living freely in a lovingly maintained home setting
This isn’t just a business for us, it’s a passion. Our home is their playground, allowing us to interact with these extraordinary breeds daily; ensuring they grow up basked in love and attention, much like they would in your home.
We at Miegon Abyssinian Cattery are far more than just breeders; we share our lives, our home, and our hearts with these captivating creatures, offering you a feline companion that has been raised with utmost care and affection.

At Miegon Abyssinian Cattery, we prioritize the exceptional over the excessive. Our breeding program yields only a select few litters each year, ensuring an unwavering focus on quality, not quantity. Above all, we are dedicated to cultivating the health and the temperament of our Abyssinians, because we understand that these two aspects are the bedrock of the ideal feline companion. abyssinian cat

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Meredith Yates
Meredith Yates
I adopted an Abyssinian kitten from Lana/Bimini and she has been such a bright and wonderful addition to our lives! She is a bundle of energy, is loving, affectionate, and has bonded with us very quickly. It's also clear that she's well socialized, which was important to me because I have another cat. Throughout the whole process, Lana was great to work with. She was quick, responsive and knowledgeable in answering all of the questions I had before deciding to put my name down on the waitlist for a kitten. After the kitten was born and when we picked her up, Lana was extremely attentive in giving me information about food, vet care (including vaccines, spaying, deworming, and previous medical appointments), transitioning her to a new home, and introducing her to other cats. We have remained in contact, and Lana is always available to answer any questions I have, and has checked in with me a few times to see how the kitten is adjusting. It's very clear that Lana is not only a professional, but cares deeply about making sure that her cats are safe, happy, and well cared for when they leave for their new homes. People have different reasons for wanting particular cat breeds, but it's important that you're getting them from a place that prioritizes the wellbeing and health of their cats. That's definitely Bimini. Overall, bringing our kitten home has been such a positive experience at every step of the way and I'm so excited to see how she grows up!
kristen azevedo
kristen azevedo
Absolutely amazing experience. Pre kitty, Lana was very informative and provided constant updates and pictures once our fur baby was born. She notified us of his vaccinations and that all was well following. When we picked him up it is obvious the love she has for her entire crew from the studs to the mamas to the babies. We have been in touch with Lana and have been providing her with updates as to how he is adjusting. She encourages and welcomes any questions we have. If you are looking for a Bengal or Abyssinian look no further than Bimini! You can even follow our boy on Instagram @hello.Cain -kristen, lino & Cain
Ashley Burk
Ashley Burk
We were very lucky to bring home an Abyssinian kitten from Lana in May 2023, and he is absolutely perfect. In addition to being beautiful and healthy, he has the most wonderful temperament. He is extremely playful, curious, and loving. Lana was a pleasure to work with and was extremely responsive and informative throughout the entire process. She sent pictures after he was born and kept us up to date as we waited for the time to come to bring him home. When we picked our little guy up, Lana spent a ton of time going over everything and helped us prepare for what to expect once we got home. She is a dedicated professional and you can really tell how much love and care she puts into her kittens. I 100% recommend Lana and her cattery to any of our friends and family.
Oswald Pardo
Oswald Pardo
Let me tell ya that this breeder is doing everything right! What a wonderful experience to meet someone who knows what they are doing; I just got my Abby and he is just the greatest; he is well socialized, knows to go to the litterbox and he is a great cuddler. I could not be happier with my adoption. I might have to get another let’s see.😀 if you want a Bengal or an Abby this is the breeder to reach out to this very trustworthy breeder. Thank you for making my dream come true! 😀
Joshua Gluck
Joshua Gluck
We picked up Cleo from Lana after Thanksgiving. She was healthy, happy and well socialized. She reaches out to see if we ever need anything which is amazing. We couldn’t be happier
Josh Leifstein
Josh Leifstein
Lana is a gifted and dedicated cat breeder. A month ago we were lucky enough to pick up our sweet and adorable female bengal kitten from Lana herself at Bimini Cats. Bowie is good-natured, intelligent, affectionate, rambunctious and very vocal. We have had zero “accidents” in our apartment and our little baby has adjusted quickly to her new environment. We know this is the result of the exceptional rearing and socializing by Lana who provided us with an amazing furry companion that was well socialized, potty trained and ready to bond with her new family. We knew that Bengals are high energy cats that require a lot of human attention and companionship but Lana clearly nurtured Bowie with much attention, love and affection. We saw this for ourselves when we met first met Lana and Bowie. We highly recommend Lana and her lucky cats!
Yana Micali
Yana Micali
We recently purchased a little bengal kitten here and we couldn’t be more pleased! Lana is so knowledgeable and caring about all of her kittens. When we picked her up, Lana spent a lot of time informing us about the kittens care when we bring her home and how to help her adjust. The second we walked into her house you could see how well cared for the kittens are and you can tell they are very loved, which translates to a confident and calm temperament. Lana still checks in with us every few days to see how the kitten is adjusting and to answer any questions we may have. I am so grateful for our beautiful girl! I highly recommend getting your kittens here!
Adrienne Friedberg
Adrienne Friedberg
I’ve been wanting an Abyssinian kitten for so many years and I finally found the perfect one at Bimini Bengal and Abyssinian cattery. Lana is so knowledgeable and caring, and she breeds the most beautiful, healthy kittens. Everyone in our family love our new kitty, even the dogs. She’s everything I’d hoped for. Thank you Bimini Bengal and Abyssinian Cats!
Raina Bisson-Orr
Raina Bisson-Orr
Our bengal boy Theo came home with us ~5 months ago now, and we could not be happier or more in love with him! Aside from being unbelievably handsome, he is so sweet, playful, affectionate, and funny. Lana was highly professional and a pleasure to work with - before taking Theo home, we were able to select our kitten based on photos and pay a reservation deposit. Pricing for the kittens was transparent. She then sent us updated photos of Theo every 2 weeks until he was ready for us to take him home, in addition to providing extensive tips and instructions on how to get him acquainted to his new environment, the best food/litter/toys for him, and how to introduce him to our other bengal female kitten (they're best friends now!). After taking Theo home, Lana would check in and ask if any questions, concerns that she could help address. We felt very comfortable and well supported throughout the process. All paperwork promised was promptly provided as well. We do not hesitate to recommend Lana to other friends who are looking to bring a bengal into their homes! THANK YOU LANA! Including pics of Theo over the months - last one shows his true coloring best, very red with stunning green eyes.
Don’t ever buy a kitten if breeder doesn’t provide Health Guarantee. Think about before purchase.


All of our cats have the CFA pedigree. This is the best document which can guarantee the breed quality.


It doesn’t matter the age of your cat, you’ll always receive full support from Sunshine Abyssinian Cats. People trust us!

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Meet the Favourite Feline: The Blue Abyssinian Cat” and abyssinian cat
Have you ever locked eyes with an Abyssinian Blue kitten? I guarantee that no other charm exists in this world that can compare with the allure that brews in the gaze of this engaging creature—a truly unexplainable thrill. When a Blue Abyssinian kitten looks your way, it’s not just looking, it’s yearning to meet its newest companion – you. 
It isn’t a co-incidence that Abyssinian cats are on every pet lover’s wish list, particularly the bewitchingly gorgeous Abyssinian blue kittens. They conquer hearts not merely with their profoundly captivating blue-grey coats that border on the ethereal, but also with their remarkably vibrant personalities. Let’s dive deeper into the world of these endearing felines to understand what makes them so unique and irresistible.
An Enchanting Coat Worth a Thousand Gazes
What separates the Abyssinian blue kitten from others isn’t necessarily just their striking breed but the incredibly beautiful color of their coats. Hues of exquisite blue-grey are generously dabbed over their slender bodies, giving them the appearance of a mysteriously beautiful charm. This ‘blue’ gene is a diluted variant of the black, providing their coat with its unique comforting warmth. The vibrant, glowing coat color leaves all who witness it completely mesmerized. 
Personality That Captivates Hearts 
While their appearance is truly a spectacle to behold, this isn’t the only thing that Abyssinian blue kittens bring to the table. These kittens are full of vivacious energy coupled with curiosity that keeps their minds continually whirling. You’ll find your blue Abyssinian always on the move, eager to explore and find new puzzles to solve. They love being social, interacting with their humans, and are always ready for a good cuddle session. 
Loyal Companions for Life 
With an Abyssinian blue, you find more than just a pet; you discover a loyal companion. They’re not just about themselves. They are deeply devoted to their caregivers, avid followers around your home, keeping you company no matter what you do. They are also incredibly inquisitive, ensuring none of your tasks go un-inspected! 
Natural Hunters with Agile Bodies
Accompanying their mental sharpness is their physical agility, a testament to their hunting ancestries. With a well-muscled body, lithe movements and keen eyes, their athletic prowess is immediately apparent. They’re active and playful, always ready to leap into action at the sight of a toy mouse or the rustle of a paper bag.
End Note
While the
abyssinian cat is indeed a rarer variety, they are undeniably worth the extra effort to acquire. With their captivating coats, lively spirits, and loving hearts, an Abyssinian Blue kitten offers not just companionship but an experience that is bound to liven up any environment. So, open the doors of your home and your heart to these incredible beings. Once you meet them, there’s no way you won’t fall head over heels! They’re looking forward to meeting you, are you?